Friday, 24 November 2017

Right to be forgotten

right to be forgotten
Right to be Forgotten
It seems for many, an application to Google under a right to be forgotten is simply a matter of filling out a form, which represents the only chance they will ever have to get rid of unwanted information on the internet. There might never be another such opportunity so it's important to not mess it up. 

Right to be Forgotten
Unfortunately, so  many right to be forgotten applications are refused because the applicant failed to appreciate that they had to refer Google to the right law or because the
application was being misunderstood by Google's employees, who when in doubt, are instructed by their boss to  say “no”. 

If the applicant is unsuccessful at this stage; they
may request that Google reviews its decision; alternatively they may
complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office or seek a court order
requiring Google to filter search engine results, all of which are
likely to involve incurring further costs. Find out how to get the right to be forgotten application right first time round in the following article:

Right to be forgotten

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Research finds that 71 per cent of UK shoppers will go online to leave a review if they have had a good experience

Is it true that online shoppers are more likely to leave negative review than positive?

A new research carried out on behalf of online review website Feefo found that internet users in the UK are more likely to go online and post a review following a positive shopping experience than a negative one.
The somewhat surprising revelation came about after 2000 UK consumers were surveyed to help understand their online reviewing habits.
Yair Cohen, internet law and social media lawyer at Cohen Davis Solicitors and panellist at a Feefo roundtable event, which considered the finding of one of the most comprehensive surveys ever carried out amount online shoppers in the UK said:
"It is refreshing and highly assuring to online retailers to learn that shoppes are willing to rewards them for providing positive experience and fantastic customer care."
Yair Cohen
Copyright Yair Cohen

The survey also found that many online shoppers are become sceptical about credibility of some online reviews and that online reviews delivered by video are likely to earn higher degree of credibility.
Yair Cohen said that:
“Video reviews have a higher level of credibility, especially when the reviewer is on-screen speaking to the camera.” 
But he said trust in online reviews requires a new regulatory body to establish standards and establish greater credibility in the whole review system.

You can read more about the online review survey here  UK shoppers more likely to be positive in online reviews than negative
Full details of the survey are available via Feefo website Online reviews: The consumers’ perspective

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Is Google a victim of anti-trust witch-hunt by the European Commission? | Yair Cohen Social media lawyer.

Is Google a victim of anti-trust witch-hunt by the European Commission? | Yair Cohen Social media lawyer.

Google’s Antitrust Battle with the EU as Yair Cohen (@CyberLawExpert) founder of the London-based Cohen Davis Solicitors joins us to discuss the brewing battle between Google and the EU over Antitrust. 
Regulators have focused on accusations that Google diverts traffic from competitors rivals to favor its own comparison shopping site.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Social media injunctions lawyers

For ages, rules that stated that injunctions needed to be served through conventional methods prevented people abused on social media from obtaining an injunction against their faceless abusers. The only remedy for victim of internet harassment was to quit Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, which often would be the advice given by the police. This meant that the abusing internet trolls were able to get away with their harassment and abuse and carry on harassing the same victim on other social media or just start picking on... Read this interesting post Harassment Injunction Lawyers Serve for the First Time Harassment Injunction via Instagram