Sunday, 11 April 2021

Can social media companies cancel history?

Watch solicitor Yair Cohen interview on the dangers of social media censorship.​ Never before in human history, those in charge of carrying public information to billions of people across the planet had been left unregulated. The closest example we have to information carriers on a large scale, are telephone companies and TV news stations, both of which operate under licences which prohibit discrimination or selection of their users. Certainly not selection which is based on race or on political affiliation. Because social media companies are unregulated, they can censor the information that you and I receive. They can also tweak their algorithm and force-feed us with information of their choice, instead of the information that we are seeking. Watch solicitor Yair Cohen interview on the dangers of social media censorship.

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Practical guide to a Right To Be Forgotten Part 1

Solicitor Yair Cohen, author of The Right To Be Forgotten website answers some of the most intriguing right to be forgotten questions, in a podcast with Lindsey Goldrick-Dean. The conversation incudes questions to answers such as: 
What is exactly a right to be forgotten How far can you stretch a Preparing a Right to be Forgotten Application to help you remove unwanted posts from the Internet Can anyone with a criminal conviction have a post removed under a right to be forgotten provided enough time has lapsed since the conviction or is it strictly depending on the rehabilitation period Can someone who is alleged to have done horrible things in the past, but never been convicted of anything, (for example, someone who was accused of joining a terrorist organisation) have internet posts alleging wrongdoings removed from the internet under a right to be forgotten.

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Yair Cohen ask Is there going to be a kickback for parents who share children images on...

How many of us give a second thought to the potential consequences of breaching the privacy of our children by posting their images and other private information on social medial?
The reality is, that social media law is tepidly being development and most of the recent developments are an enhancement of current law. The law of privacy, for example, protects individual's right to private life but because the courts have not had the opportunity yet to address the question of parents' liability for breaching their children's right to privacy by posting their images on social media, we are yet to find out whether this common activity by parents is in fact unlawful.
Listen to this interesting podcast with lawyer Yair Cohen.

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Ho to make an application under a Right To Be Forgotten

In this podcast Yair explains how to make a successful right to be forgotten submission to Google. What some applications are being dealt with by Google with sympathy whilst others are rejected outright regardless of merit. This is an interesting podcast to listen to because it gives you the insight of one of the most experienced right to be forgotten lawyers' into how right to be forgotten applications really work.