Tuesday 11 June 2013

How businesses can approach social media from a position of strength and leadership

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Effectively approach social media
Leading the conversation: An old military principle states that nature will always produce great leaders. That does not necessarily mean good leaders though. When your organisation leads the conversation on the internet it can hardly ever be taken by surprise by any bad comments or negative reviews. Instead it is able to respond rather than react, to apologise rather than to defend and to progress rather than be held back.

Pre-emptive tactics: Address objections before your customers are raising them. Point out to operational issues within your organisation and show your customers through tactical transparency that you are ahead of the game by effectively communicating to them how you have already dealt with such issues. Pre-empt the effect of negative reviews, internet defamation and unfair criticism. Find out how you can take charge and lead the way to turn every negative review into a mine of gold for your organisation.

Swift response: Crisis involving online defamation or unflattering information circulating on the internet is probably the most threatening public relations issue for a modern business. It is possible to survive and even flourish in such an event. To do so, a company needs to have an internet PR crisis management policy in place. We will make sure that your organisation is fully prepared to make intelligent moves in response to online reputation crisis.

Follow the above 3 simple, yet effective, tips to enhance your company’s online reputation. This will ensure that you are always one step ahead and are prepared if things don’t necessarily go as planned. Visit our website www.internetlawcentre.co.uk for more useful tips that will benefit you and your business.

By: Yair Cohen

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