Tuesday 4 June 2013

Identifying Anonymous Posters of defamation

Defamation injunction
Defamation injunction
Do you want to expose anonymous posters of defamatory articles about your company through legal action?

Here is what you need to know:

Court orders such as a Norwich Pharmacal Order and various defamation injunctions are powerful tools in your organisation's reputation management arsenal, partly because they help rid the internet of defamation as well as sending a clear message to the organisation's adversaries and investors.

Obtaining legal advice during times of online reputation crisis and before taking any action, such as sending cease and desist letters, is crucial because it is very important to determine whether a specific court order is in your organisation's long term interests.

There are various court orders (injunctions) available for you to choose from. Each serves a different purpose and every one of these has different goals attached to it. With injunctions or with the threat of applying for an injunction, you can facilitate the removal of the vast majority of the defamatory reviews and comments that are written about your organisation.

Defamation injunctions and other court orders could however be costly to obtain. Although at Cohen Davis constantly try to bring the costs of defamation litigation down, defamation related court orders remain out of the reach of most UK small businesses through the damage defamation on the internet may cause them is unquantifiable.

If you need to apply for an injunction to remove defamatory internet posts which were posted on websites that are located either in the UK or overseas you will want to make sure that you commence proceedings in the most appropriate jurisdiction otherwise the efforts and expense could be totally wasted. Interestingly, very often, it is cheaper to obtain relevant court orders in overseas courts than in the English High Court.

Occasionally victims of online defamation choose to combine applications for court orders with other methods of web page removal such as reverse SEO to make sure they create long term benefits for their organisations.

Learn more about removing defamatory web pages in this blog and on The Internet Law Centre website.

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