Wednesday 10 April 2019

Yair Cohen interviewed on White Paper on Online Harm

Earlier this week, the UK government published a White Paper in relation to its intention to regulate online and social media platforms.

A “White Paper” isn’t a law but only an initial summary of proposals, or perhaps a “wishful thinking” document for the public to consider and respond to.
If the proposal in the Online Harms White Paper are to become law, the internet will never again be the same place.

The proposed laws will impact on many aspects of our lives. From career and work to children and family.

The government is proposing to put a mandatory duty of care on social media platforms to take reasonable steps to protect their users from a range of harms — including but not limited to illegal material such as terrorist and child sexual exploitation and abuse but also in relation to so called “fake news”.

 This video summarises well what the White Paper is all about and presents everything you need to know about it in about 4 minutes.

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