Wednesday 9 December 2020

Practical guide to a Right To Be Forgotten Part 1

Solicitor Yair Cohen, author of The Right To Be Forgotten website answers some of the most intriguing right to be forgotten questions, in a podcast with Lindsey Goldrick-Dean. The conversation incudes questions to answers such as: 
What is exactly a right to be forgotten How far can you stretch a Preparing a Right to be Forgotten Application to help you remove unwanted posts from the Internet Can anyone with a criminal conviction have a post removed under a right to be forgotten provided enough time has lapsed since the conviction or is it strictly depending on the rehabilitation period Can someone who is alleged to have done horrible things in the past, but never been convicted of anything, (for example, someone who was accused of joining a terrorist organisation) have internet posts alleging wrongdoings removed from the internet under a right to be forgotten.

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