Wednesday 30 January 2013

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A client of my social media law firm, a small international book publishing company had woken up one morning to discover that she had no reputation or business left.

A competitor in what is already a tough market had been conducting a negative campaign about her personally and about her company for a few months now with the aim of getting her out of business. 

This case ended up in the High Court where the client won an injunction to stop further publications of defamatory material about her on the internet. Still, she was left with a tarnished reputation, mainly because of the large amount of material which had been posted and then re-posted on various websites.

Why is this story relevant to your organisation's online reputation?

On average 1 in 5 happy customers will put a good word about you to one friend or one relative, perhaps earning the company new business. Unhappy customers on the other hand will tell between 5-10 people about their bad experience which means that bad news travel much faster than good news.
You can now multiply this number by an unspecified figure because internet blogs and forums make dissemination of information much more effective.

Can you do anything about this?

Sure! This is what you need to do:

As a starting point, follow these 3 simple steps. They will reduce the risk of online damage to your reputation. They are general good business practices, which you can implement right now if you don't already do so.

Step 1: Preventing
Step 2: Listening
Step 3: Influencing

In the next few blog posts social media lawyer, Yair Cohen, explains each step in turn in the context of internet reputation management for business.

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