Thursday 27 February 2020

Footie start daughter tells about her teenage bullying hell in a BBC interview

If anyone needed anymore proof that harassment online and harassment offline have exactly the same impact on the victim,  this chilling interview with Kersey Ferguson gives that proof. Kersey Ferguson has started a campaign where she calls victims of harassment to speak out about their experiences. She talks about how she felt the need to be silence and not dare speak about her harassment. The shame of having to admit that she was being harassed, stopped her from seeking help for many years. Yair Cohen, explained why the right to anonymity has got almost everything to do with online harassment. The exposure of internet trolls, bullies and harassers often brings to and end campaigns of harassment, whether online or offline. We must therefore make it easier for internet trolls to be exposed and found out for who they are.,

"I  I've had torment all my life. Bullying for me has been horrendous and it took too long. I must say it has been hard for me to really speak up and even my own parents didn't actually realise how bad it was because I kept it to myself."

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